Body leasing and outsourcing in IT companies - pros and cons.

Until recently, temporary work was associated with a not very engaging position and employment under the colloquial name of "junk contracts". Work mainly for pupils, students or people who wanted to earn extra money. I mean, for example, merchandising, production, or making extra money in gastronomy. However, the situation began to change. More and more companies decide to hire experienced specialists for a fixed period of time for specific projects. This is about the phenomenon of outsourcing and bodyleasing, especially popular in the IT industry.

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What is outsourcing?

Let's start with what is outsourcing? It is an abbreviation of three English words - outside-resource-using, i.e., the use of external sources. In practice, it consists in taking over some of the duties or the entire position by an external specialist.

The truth is that the phenomenon of body leasing (borrowing an employee from another employer) has been operating in the industry for many years. It has become especially popular during the COVID pandemic. Employers, encouraged by the lack of time-consuming recruitment, job interviews, and the reduction of related costs, began to decide on employee leasing more often. It works well when an employee is needed for a specific project and more for the future - when we want to test the employee before hiring developers permanently and implementing it into the team - the so-called "try and hire". Testing a potential employee is a beneficial solution for companies due to the lack of recruitment costs. The agent ensures the guarantee and stability of the contract, thanks to which the employer can hire a specialist. It is also about securing all sensitive data and project information.

The rules of outsourcing

All costs related to the employee are borne by the company lending such a person - not only with salary but also with other issues, such as specialist development. This condition can be described as payroll plus because the intermediary agency takes essential responsibilities off the client. He is a social contribution payer, and he also deals with HR and payroll services. Companies do not care about insurance, taxes, or holidays. It is also crucial that the client pays for the work done. There are no obligations if the posted employee is sick or on vacation. Body leasing is also an attractive solution when our permanent employee goes on maternity, paternity, or parental leave. The borrowed employee takes his place, filling the gap in the team. It also gives a sense of security to those who go on such a long vacation that the position will be waiting for them.

Pros and cons of outsourcing

By joining various teams, employees not only develop their skills and expand their knowledge related to the IT industry. They increase and modify the ability to work with people. They bring freshness to the company, allowing for implementation of innovative projects. Work flexibility is also a significant advantage, which will enable to combine personal and professional life.

Are there any downsides to this solution? I found out about the research carried out by PKO Finat, a company from the PKO Bank Polski Group which is the biggest universal bank in Poland. Employees listed the main disadvantages of such work. These are the most common; lack of clearly defined goals, chaos in the organization, bad atmosphere, no paid leave, looking for "a man for everything", incompetent supervisor, and routine. Body leasing is therefore a solution for flexible people who do not mind changing projects or teams. Not afraid of changes and patiently approaching work. This applies to both parties to the contract.

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