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BaseLinker is an integrator that allows you to connect different e-commerce platforms and make it easy to manage them. It can help you automate the sale process with almost 16 000 different providers. It allows for integration with eBay, Allegro, Amazon, OLX, and others. There are many different e-commerce platforms in BaseLinker to choose from, but one was missing - Sylius! That’s why our Spinbits team of IT specialists decided to create a plugin that connects Sylius with BaseLinker.

What is BaseLinker?

BaseLinker is an integrator system that connects different e-commerce platforms and automates processes. Using BaseLinker you no more have to worry about all processes - BaseLinker does it for you!

With BaseLinker you can manage your e-commerce store from one place. All you have to do is to prepare the product offer, and the system will automatically accept orders, issue invoices, order couriers, update stock status levels, and even print labels and receipts. No matter how many platforms you want to integrate - 2, 5, or even 15, you can adjust BaseLinker to your needs.

BaseLinker is also a facilitation for your customers - whenever their order changes status, they’ll be informed about it.

What does BaseLinker offer?

Below, you’ll find some details information about what the BaseLinker offers:

  1. BaseLinker can be integrated with almost 40 online store platforms, like PrestaShop, Shopper, Magento, Shoplo, WooCommerce, and many more.
  2. BaseLinker can be connected with more than 10 popular marketplace platforms, ex. OLX, eBay, Allegro, Amazon, and more.
  3. Shipments can be executed by over 50 operators and carriers not only in Poland but also worldwide.
  4. Invoices can be issued by the 6 most common accounting programs: iFirms, inFakt, wFirma, Fakturowo, Fakturownia, Firmao.
  5. BaseLinker offers an application for printing receipts “Paragons – Fiscal Printer, and an app for sending SMS to customers - SMSAPI and SerwerSMS.
  6. What’s most essential for us, BaseLinker offers a comprehensive API for creating your own integration with the system. And this is what we took advantage of!

Spinbits Connected Sylius to BaseLinker!

The team of experienced IT engineers from Spinbits has created a way to connect Sylius with BaseLinker. Sylius is an open-source e-commerce platform that helps businesses create and manage their online stores. Sylius is relatively new on the market, so it hasn’t been connected with BaseLinker yet. We noticed, that it’s a perfect space for our software house to create some innovations and build something groundbreaking. What’s more, many companies, which use Sylius e-commerce platform, wanted to integrate their shops with other platforms. Now they are able to do that!

How to install Sylius BaseLinker Plugin?

To install Sylius BaseLinker Plugin, you obviously need to have a BaseLinker account. On our Spinbits GitHub profile, you’ll find detailed instructions about BaseLinker Configuration, Sylius Quick Installation, and some help with testing the plugin. We hope everything’s clear and will work out!

If you need some advice or help with Sylius/BaseLinker development, don’t hesitate to contact our IT specialists. They’re ready to help you!



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