What is the role of a back-end developer?

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Having a team of developers who specialize in different parts of website creation results in a better final product. This is due to the fact that everyone is able to focus on their own area of expertise, which leads to a more efficient and streamlined process. In addition, it allows for better communication and cooperation with the client. Each IT company has different types of developers - frontend, backend, and full stack developers. There are also people who coordinate the application development, like project managers or analysts.

The term “backend” describes the portion of an application that is not directly exposed to the user. This typically includes the application’s business logic and data storage, as well as any other components that are needed to support the user interface. Backend developers are responsible for building and maintaining this infrastructure.

Read this article, if you want to find out:

  • Who exactly the backend developer is?
  • What qualifications should the backend developer have?
  • What does a backend developer do on a daily basis?
  • How much money does a backend developer do?

Who is the backend developer?

A backend developer is an IT specialist who usually works in a software house and creates the internal mechanisms that process data and execute actions in web applications. He must have a strong understanding of server-side technologies, databases, and programming languages.

The backend developer's role is to ensure that the web application can handle the large amount of data that is expected to process. He must be able to scale the application so that it can handle increasing amounts of traffic. He also should have a strong understanding of security issues. What's more, he must be able to:

  • protect the web application from attack and ensure that data is stored securely;
  • optimize web applications for speed and efficiency;
  • troubleshoot issues that arise;
  • have a strong understanding of algorithms and data structures;
  • write efficient code that is easy to maintain;
  • have a strong understanding of database systems.

What qualifications should the backend developer have?

The most important are technical skills of course, but about them, you'll read later. Now, we want to focus on soft communication skills:

  • analytical thinking and problem solving - it often happens that there are bugs, that need to be fixed immediately. It's important not to crust the entire system while debugging the code ;) Usually, it's not that easy, to find a problem. Then, the backend developer needs to be patient, and make sure, to prevent errors in the future.

  • hungry for knowledge and constantly focused on improving his skills - in the IT industry, everything is rapidly changing. It's important, to stay up to date with all industry news. It's essential, to improve skills if you want to satisfy the customer, meet his expectations, and deliver the highest quality product.

  • good and clear interpersonal communication - usually, there are few developers, who take part in the project. That's why a good developer should be able to effectively communicate with each other. These can include not only other backend engineers, but also frontend, full stack developers, project managers, analysts, and UX/UI designers.

  • teamwork - there are a lot of projects, during which you'll need to collaborate with others. Remember about teamwork and helping one another! Don't be afraid to ask for help - sometimes you just don't see a mistake you've made, but somebody else will see it immediately. Also, don't hesitate to extend a helping hand to somebody in need or trouble. You're a team!

Even if working as a backend developer doesn't involve working directly with other people all day, so you can spend a lot of time on your own, it's good to remember about having good relations with other team members. :)

What does a backend developer do on a daily basis?

A backend developer's tasks may vary depending on the company and project, but some of the most common duties include:

  • Developing and maintaining the business logic and data storage for web applications;
  • Scaling web applications to handle increasing traffic;
  • Ensuring the security of web applications;
  • Optimizing web applications for speed and efficiency;
  • Troubleshooting issues that arise;
  • Updating skills to stay current with industry trends.

The backend developer works with the code.

Backend developers typically use a variety of programming languages. They may use one or more of the following: Java, PHP, Python, C#, and Ruby.

  • Java - is a versatile and powerful programming language that enables developers to create robust, high-performance applications. Java applications can run on a wide variety of devices, from mobile phones to enterprise servers - this is why it is said, that Java is one of the most universal programming languages.
  • PHP - what's interesting, PHP is the only programming language that can be used only to build websites.
  • Python - it is said, that this language is the best to start learning to program. It is used to write extremely short and readable codes, especially by new companies, like startups, which want to enter the market quickly.
  • Ruby - is a programming language that was created in the 1990s. It is known for its simplicity and readability, as well as its robust infrastructure. It is often used with the Ruby on Rails frameworks.
  • C# - C# is a programming language that enables developers to create software with a well-defined object-oriented structure. C# is a better version of the C language, which makes it relatively easy for developers who are familiar with this language.

The backend developer deals with databases

A database is a collection of data that can be accessed by computers. A database can be divided into tables and fields. Backend developers are the ones, who are responsible for communicating the system with a database, so everything works properly. There are different types of databases, such as:

  • MySQL - is a relational database management system (RDBMS), as well as a popular choice for web applications used by millions of websites. It is produced by several different software environments.
  • PostgreSQL - is a powerful, open-source object-relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation in the database community.

How much money does a backend developer do?

Looking at the latest (September 2022) inhire.io reports, there are three different financial ranges for Backend Developers in Poland, working remotely. Below, you'll see examples of monthly salaries on B2B contracts (1€ = 4,80 zł).

  • Junior Backend Developer - 1448,21 - 2086,94 € gross
  • Middle Backend Developer - 2927,22 - 4305,56 € gross
  • Senior Backend Developer - 4378,53 - 5833,15 € gross

Salaries can vary in different countries, so it's always worth checking financial ranges, before presenting financial expectations during a job interview. What's more, a salary can differ because of the type of project, the size of the company, its experience on the market, and the type of technology that'll be used.

If you want to talk about your project, or just need some new backend developers in your team to achieve the expected results, contact us - we’re here to help you. Let’s make the bits spin!




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