Developing Internal App and Extending Cloud Provider Migration App for one of the Big Four Companies

  • Cost range: 200 000 - 999 999 €
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Company size: enterprise
  • Number of employees: > 6000
  • Action area: Poland

The Client asked us to extend the existing cloud provider migration application with new data visualizations and to develop a new internal application for the company which was a data warehouse search interface.

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Before deciding to start the cooperation, we wanted to find out what the project is about. The Big Four Client wanted to improve an already existing application and develop a new one.


Choosing the team

Our dedicated team of Senior Frontend and Backend Engineers possesses broad and deep technical knowledge and many years of experience in the field of corporate financial accounting services.



When we were choosing the technology for this project, we knew it had to be unfailing and trustworthy. We decided to work with the use of React.js and Javascript.

This project was interesting to run for a number of reasons. First, it allowed us to explore a new topic. Second, it gave us a chance to work with a team of people who were passionate about the same thing. And third, it helped to better understand the research process. Due to the fact that the Client was one of the Big Four Companies, the project was very special and important. The level of complexity was very high, but we of course managed to successfully finish the project, even though it was an organizational challenge because the existing system has changed.

Our task was to:

  • increase the performance of already existing application used for assisting local server infrastructure migration into one of the selected cloud service providers,
  • recreate the other application’s prototype to make it fit into the Client’s branding and interact with newly added external services.

The first application was an existing solution for assisting local server infrastructure migration into one of the selected cloud service providers. The resulting infrastructure data visualization was not performant enough for production use and so the Client requested us to increase its performance. The existing chart data representation needed to be replaced with a new one for which the D3.js library was used as it offers great amounts of customization and can produce marvelous interactive graphs.

The second application had an existing prototype created, but it needed to be created anew in order to fit into the Client’s branding and to interact with newly added external services. React.js was our library of choice for this task - it’s well tested, reliable, and offers its own ecosystem to extend it with multiple new capabilities, like managing the application’s internal state or easily interacting with external services. The user interface created by us allows for searching through documents in the data warehouse and extracting any piece of tabular data from attachments added to them.

Project Results

CS - result 7.webp


Improving already existing system, at the same time maintaining the current UX and UI

CS - result 1.png


Developing the application that interacts with newly added external services and is stable and secure

CS - result 4.webp


Improving and increasing the performance of application used for assisting local server infrastructure migration into one of the selected cloud service providers

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