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FNP is a company founded by two friends - Maciej and Patryk. They manage properties - buy them on the primary market, do the renovation and sell them for a profit. What’s more, they share their knowledge with other people and encourage them to make money this way. They organize training, during which they teach participants how to flip houses. They realized over 800 investment opportunities. What’s interesting, almost 1000 people have already taken part in FNP courses to this day, and treat flipping houses as the main source of their earrings.

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 €
  • Industry: Real estate
  • Company size: small
  • Number of employees: <10
  • Action area: Poland

We were excited to be approached by the FNP to work together. We had heard great things about their business, and we were confident that we could help them grow even more. In the beginning, we found a few areas to improve, so we set to work on creating a strategy that would help them reach their goals. We knew that digital marketing was the key to their success, so we put all of our focus into taking actions that would engage and excite their audience. The results exceeded our expectations. The FNP’s online presence grew exponentially, and they saw a significant increase in sales. We were proud to have played a part in their success! Our cooperation lasted from October 2021 to May 2022.

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First, we met with the Brand Manager, who told us about all customer’s requirements. Their expectations were already set because they were working with a freelancer before.


Choosing the team

We chose three people for this project - Marketing Specialist, Graphic Designer, and Backend Engineer. Their three are enough to do whatever the customer wanted.


Marketing and development

In general, our task was to promote the brand and reach new customers. The main event that we were preparing for, was a national congress of investors of the primary market. Our services included: Social Media posts & ads, email and SMS marketing, website development, and others. Continue reading, to find out more!

Facebook and Instagram

Having a business profile on Social Media is a must-have these days! Why? First, social media platforms provide businesses with an unprecedented way to reach and engage with their target audiences. In addition, social media platforms offer valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences that can help businesses tailor their products and services to better meet the needs of their customers. Finally, social media can also help businesses build relationships with influencers and other thought leaders in the industry, which can ultimately lead to increased visibility and brand awareness. Overall, there are numerous advantages of having a business profile on social media, and businesses that fail to capitalize on this opportunity are likely to fall behind their competitors.

FNP had profiles on two platforms - Facebook and Instagram. The content on both of them was duplicated. The graphics were tailored to each platform's requirements. They were created with the use of specific brand colors and fonts.

Our responsibility was:

  • Creating and publishing content on social media accounts,
  • Moderating comments and visitors’ discussions,
  • Creating and managing Facebook events,
  • Managing a Facebook group for graduates of the courses


Facebook Ads

We run 18 effective Facebook ad campaigns, and we reached out to 305 660 people, displaying ads 883 152 times.

Best performance of an ad:

  • Reach: 50 720
  • Impressions: 78 952
  • Cost per result: 0,047 €

It’s worth adding that people interested in house flipping are a very original niche on the market, and it’s really hard to reach them. Taking this into consideration, we are really proud of the results we achieved!


FNP organized webinars, during which they were sharing their knowledge with others. There were different types of webinars:

  • Webinar with a guest - other investors and businessmen connected with the real estate sector were talking about their experience in investing money and answering people’s questions,
  • Q&A - people could ask questions, about investing, flipping, and FNP Founders’ experience,
  • Webinar referring to a particular problem, for example: “The real estate market perspective in 2022”, “How to deal with the pandemic results on the flipping houses’ market?”, “Which mistakes should investors avoid in the primary market?”, “5 things that you have to pay attention to, before buying a flat on the primary market”, and other, current problems.

Our Marketing Specialist’s task was standing by during webinars, helping FNP Founders with technical problems, moderating chat, and preparing presentations.

What’s more, we were selling stationary courses during webinars. In general, we increased sales by 30%.

E-mail and SMS newsletter campaigns

FNP organizes a lot of events - online and stationary. Because of that, we were sending a lot of email campaigns to newsletter subscribers with the use of GetResponse and SMS campaigns using SMS API.

Landing pages development and website support

Each webinar needed a separate landing page, in which potential clients could have found information about the topic of the webinar, presenters, raised issues, and a registration form.

What’s more, FNP organizes stationary training at basic and advanced levels for people who want to start their adventure with investing in the primary market. This training enjoys popularity among people from this industry. Our task was to support the website, check if everything works properly, and react if something fails. Our Backend Engineer has WordPress in his little finger, so everything ran smoothly.

Graphic materials

Our Graphic Designer was responsible not only for landing page projects, and graphics for social media. FNP is a still growing brand, so preparing offers for sponsors and partners, and newspaper advertising materials was also our job.

Project Results

CS - result 8.webp

Popularity of main event

Over 250 participants at the main event organized by FNP

CS - result 4.webp

Record level of participants

over 150 participants during one webinar


30% increase in sales

30% more participants during stationary training

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