Fixing Bugs in the Fastest Growing Wellness Web Application operating in the USA

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 $
  • Industry: Wellness & Fitness
  • Company size: medium
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Action area: USA

Our task in this project was to fix all the bugs that other software house made when they were developing the project. The Web Application had a cool design but was totally unuseful due to many bugs and problems. The Client contacted us because he was desperate about the quality of the work the previous developers did. His tight budget and short deadline were challenging, but we ensured that we can fix all these issues, so he’ll be able to enjoy his Web Application quickly.

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The client explained to us what he expected and what he received from the previous company. The web application wasn’t working correctly. When we found out what his expectations were, we got down to work.


Building the team

The project wasn’t that easy, but we knew that our team is qualified enough to manage it. Our choice fell on Frontend Engineers, who have wide experience with web applications.



The work was time-consuming but worth doing! Spinbits Frontend Engineer worked with the use of Vue.js and Rest API.

The application is used to practice yoga… online! The first thing that you have to do as a user, is create an account through your email address. You fill out the information about yourself - name, age, and level of advancement. Then, you have to choose the program that you want to practice yoga with. You can select a teacher, class level, time duration, type of yoga, and the first date of your classes. Then, you are redirected to the payment form. After you pay and confirm it through your email, you can start practicing yoga!

Each class has its own time set, so you can easily plan your whole week in advance. What’s more, you can easily contact your teachers in case of any questions, and make friends with other participants of the classes. Before signing up for the particular course, carefully read the description of the chosen type of yoga. It will help you decide if it’s good for you and your body.

It’s hard to list all the bugs that were in this Web Application. We did everything, starting with creating accounts, and filters, choosing different options, email notifications, watching videos, and ending with payment problems. One of the biggest issues was routing - moving from one subpage to another, and it needed to be fixed immediately because it made it impossible to navigate the site.

Fortunately, the Client and his project were finally in safe hands. Now, the Web Application runs smoothly, and has hundreds of new users each month! We managed to deliver the project in a really short time, and according to the budget. If necessary in the future, we’re ready to help the customer one more time. :)

Project Results

CS - result 4.webp


There were more than 10 000 new accounts created in the web app in just a month after delivering the project.

CS - result 8.webp


100% positive reviews

CS - result 2.webp


We met the customer’s requirements and positively surprised him. Spinbits was a good change after the previous software house wasn't able to develop the project.

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