SEO Website Optimization for the Biggest American Multinational Restaurant Chain and International Franchise

Our customer is an American multinational restaurant chain. Now, it’s a casual dining restaurant franchise not only in America but also in Europe and Asia. The restaurant serves pizza and other dishes including pasta, breadsticks, and desserts. There are thousands of restaurants in different locations, which makes it the world’s largest pizza chain.

  • Cost range: 200 000 - 999 999 $

  • Industry: Food and beverage

  • Company size: enterprise

  • Action area: worldwide

Our customer’s main goal was to create and implement a new SEO architecture for their polish domain. Site architecture is a foundational issue of technical Search Engine Optimization. Why is that crucial, for a cost-effective business that wants to grow? Instead of publishing a random and ill-considered number of pages and subpages, establishing an SEO-friendly site architecture can guide users to your content and help Google index it.

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At the beginning of this cooperation, we met with the Client during workshops and asked him about his requirements. We analyzed the project architecture in terms of SEO and started planning our work.


Choosing the team

This project required a high level of expertise. The Client is a big player in the market, so there was no room for mistakes. We created a team composed of a Frontend Engineer, UX Designer, and SEO Specialist.


Designing the solution based on the Client’s requirements

The client precisely defined what he expected. We implemented each step and consulted with him on every progress.

Site architecture

As the saying goes, "A house is only as strong as its foundation." The same can be said of a website. A well-designed website must have a sound architecture in order to function properly and achieve its objectives.

Site architecture is the process of organizing and structuring a website's content in a way that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. A good site architecture takes into account the user experience and guides users through the site in a logical manner.

There are several factors to consider when designing a website's architecture, including navigation, information hierarchy, and labeling. By taking these factors into account, you can create a website that is easy to use and provides a great user experience.

The Client asked us to implement SEO optimization on the website, as well as adjust the solution to meet the current SEO standards. The client provided us with the following requirements:

  • meta title,
  • meta description,
  • proper h1 subpage elements,
  • meta canonical elements,
  • meta alternate language elements,
  • structured data,
  • meta robots tags,
  • sitemaps,
  • image optimization,
  • SEO-friendly URL structure,
  • proper redirections from the old website.

The polish version of the Client’s website supports English translations, therefore all of the SEO elements had to support internationalization.

We had to establish how to implement all of the SEO mechanisms properly. We had decided that all of the SEO mechanisms had to be developed by using server-side rendering. We used the functionalities provided by the Next.js framework, as the website was created in that framework, with TypeScript support.

During the implementation, we encountered a number of unexpected challenges, but the most challenging part was implementing the translation mechanism for URL addresses. The URL addresses had to support the polish and english internationalization on switching the language manually, or when the server-side redirection was executed. We were aware that this use case is really neuralgic functionality, which could lead to a number of unexpected bugs. However, we managed to propose a fully-automated translation mechanism.

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Project Results

We managed to fulfill all of the SEO requirements given by the Client. After solution approval, we released the new version of the website. The website with new SEO optimization, is now a well-prepared website, with better positioning capabilities in Google Search Engine.



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