Web Development for Palsyvue - Company Specializing in Detecting Cerebral Palsy

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 €
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Company size: small
  • Number of employees: 6
  • Action area: Europe

Palsyvue is a medical company that specializes in detecting cerebral palsy. The Client needed to create a commercial website for the product very quickly.

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We started from scratch - finding out what the client's expectations were. He wanted to receive a brand new website for his project quickly.


Custom design

The Client wanted the page to look unique but adequate to the medical industry. His main requirements were blue and green colors. ;)



Our Client wanted to manage the content and the whole website easily, so our choice fell on headless CMS Strapi and Gatsby.


English translation and SEO

The first version of the website was only in polish. However, it quickly turned out that Palsyvue has global potential, so we did an English translation.

Palsyvue is an information technology company that develops cutting-edge solutions for medicine. It focuses in particular on the application of algorithms to diagnostic imaging. Currently, its activities are conducted in the area of diagnosing neurological disorders in children. The plan for the whole project was ready. The only thing that was missing was a website. It made conversations with investors more difficult. They wanted to see what are they asked to invest in.

So, what was the biggest challenge in this project? Definitely, the lack of time. We had only three weeks (fifteen working days) to develop the website and complete the job. After workshops in May 2021, when we finally reached an agreement with the Customer, we got down to work. The Client explained precisely what he wanted the website to look like and what features to have. Our Graphic Designer created a custom design that met the customer’s expectations. The website explains what Palsyvue is, what kind of problems it solves, and what solutions it uses. It also presents the team of the project. What's more, through the contact form, users can ask questions or try to establish a partnership or cooperation.

After the Client accepted the graphic project, our Frontend Engineer was able to start developing the page. When it comes to the technology that we used, our choice fell on Gatsby and headless CMS Strapi because we wanted our Client to be able to manage the content and the whole website easily. He enjoyed that idea. In case of some changes in the future, he will not have to contact us to implement them.

Because investors interested in this project were also from outside of Poland, the Palsyvue CEO asked us to make an English version of the website. So we prepared the translation and placed the switch button in the right corner of the website. Now the user can choose which language he wants to read about Palsyvue. Maybe in the future, we’ll add translations in different languages. Who knows? :)

Last but not least - SEO. We did some positioning to improve the website’s visibility on Google.

Project Results



The website was ready to use in 3 weeks.

CS - result 2.webp


We met his expectations and requirements.

CS - result 8.webp


Catchy and unique graphic project

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