Website and Sylius E-Commerce Development for Legal Cannabis Company

  • Cost range: 50 000 - 199 999 €
  • Industry: Legal Cannabis
  • Company size: small business
  • Number of employees: <10
  • Action area: Poland

The Client found us through our Clutch profile. He read all of the recommendations we have, and decided to ask us for cooperation. He started running a legal cannabis business and decided to transfer it into the online world. We were asked to design a website and develop an e-commerce platform for selling cannabis products. There was quite a big time pressure, because of the competition in the Polish market, resulting from the growing popularity of CBD oil. The time was ticking!

Our Customer’s company is a young business, operating in the Polish market. His online store sells different products, starting from the most popular CBD oils, through specific facial creams and cleansers, and bath bombs, to health shots, protein bars, and treats for dogs. The popularity of legal cannabis products is still growing, so it’s a nice opportunity for this market to grow.

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In the beginning, first, we met with the client to find out what his expectations were. Then we set goals, discussed possible solutions, and started planning work.


Choosing dream team

Four experts were working on this project: A project Manager, UX/UI Designer, Front-end Engineer, and Back-end Engineer. Only the team built of four of them could achieve the expected results.



Everything had to start with a project, so UX/UI Designer got down to conceptual work. When he figured out what the whole website and e-commerce platform should look like, the Front-end and Backend Engineers could start developing. Spinbits PM supervised the whole project, to be sure that we met deadlines and met the Client’s requirements.

We knew how important this project was for our client, so we decided to choose the most reliable and trustworthy technology. The whole website was based on headless CMS Stapi and Gatsby. To build an online shop, we used Sylius - an open-source headless e-commerce platform. It allows the creation of custom solutions for the most demanding customers. Sylius provides a solid foundation for store development and offers a range of powerful plugins, features, and extensions.

For example: a drag-and-drop interface, a customizable product catalog, a built-in payment system, support for multiple languages and currencies, accounting, payment processing, shipping, and tax management tools. With all these features, Sylius helps to take businesses to the next level. That’s what happened with our Customer’s company. If you’re wondering which e-commerce platform to choose for your project, read our blog post, why Sylius is better than Magento.

The whole process of delivering ran very smoothly, without problems and complications. We informed the Client after reaching every major milestone. It made the communication and flow of information easier for both sides and the client didn't have to worry about the progress of work.

Project Results

CS - result 4.webp




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