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Spinbits specialize in custom projects and helping companies grow from scratch as a startup or working to get legacy projects on track is our bread and butter. No matter what you would like to achieve, we can do it together!

We also work on our own products, so we know how to work efficient, agile, and transparent.

You can count on our experience and friendly approach.

Spinbits - Custom Projects

Our expertise

Projects we work on

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B2C web systems and websites

Spinbits - B2C web systems and websites

B2C web systems and websites

Working with B2C projects we always want to understand customer business in terms of values, selling points, unique products, and services as well as customer persona. All our projects are tailor-made and suitable for your budget - no matter if you will choose WordPress or Symfony to make your project happen.

B2B web systems and websites

Spinbits - B2B web systems and websites

B2B web systems and websites

Building B2B solutions means simplicity and scalability. In spinbits, we know how to achieve both in no-time and make your project stable and secure.

Mobile applications

Spinbits - Mobile applications

Mobile applications

We do love creating mobile apps, it can be really entertaining and fun. In spinbits, we always focus on good design and UX and efficient development thanks to using most recent solutions, like Flutter, Swift or React Native.

Intranet systems, CRM and ERP

Spinbits - Intranet systems, CRM and ERP

Intranet systems, CRM and ERP

We've worked and created intranet, CRM, and ERP type projects - each case is different and we put 100% effort to understand your business, company flows, communication, and problems. We're here to help and make it work better - by creating a solution from scratch or by customizing CRM or ERP.

Mobile, desktop and browser games

Spinbits - Mobile, desktop and browser games

Mobile, desktop and browser games

We're gamers on our own for the last 25 years - from completely casual to pro-level and on all platforms. Game development process is one of the most engaging and challenging processes in the industry - we're happy to share our experiences coming from working on dozens of games.

Blockchain, ML and VR

Spinbits - Blockchain, ML and VR

Blockchain, ML and VR

We were lucky to participate in new technology projects and we're really proud of it. If you would like to talk about Blockchain, Machine Learning, or VR in fintech, supply chain, data pools, VR in e-commerce - we're here!


How do we do IT?

We've learned to simplify complicated things as much as possible, yet to still maintain flexibility and attention to detail.


We start projects by gathering as much possible information about your idea, vision, and business during meetings, calls, and by using materials delivered by customer.

We process all the data to create technology and project approach, phases, milestones, and design path.

Then we create free pre-estimation of the project, considering both time and budget.We love to share our knowledge and experience so don’t be afraid to ask!

The Plan

As a result of our data processing, you will get your hands on:

  • - Low-fidelity prototype
  • - SRS (Software Requirement Specification)
  • - High-fidelity prototype
  • - Suggested team build

During the creation of each outcome, we will work closely with you to cover 100% of requirements and expectations.

You will own SRS and prototypes, so feel free to compare it with any market competition.


We introduce the team, kick off the project, and make the bits spin :-)

Thanks to previous steps whole projects will go smoothly, and you exactly know each milestone, timeline, and outcome of it.

We make sure that everything we do stands for the best quality and is delivered on time, within budget.

All phases of projects are thoroughly reported and you have a real impact on the process.

Support and More

When the project is delivered we cover you with a warranty for our work, so don’t worry - we won’t leave you alone with it, you can also count on our support after launch.

You will also receive comprehensive documentation, report, and suggestions on how to make your project even better.

We look for long term cooperation so we can offer you team lease to develop your project further, marketing specialists, DevOps, and much more. Feel free to ping us!

In spinbits, we understand how important it is to be agile and open - that’s why we won’t impose any approach. If you would like to work on the project your way - we are ready to talk about that! We’ve worked on dozens of various projects - we are sure that we will find a common language.


Check out what we have built together with our great customers

There's no better feeling than using something that some time ago was just an idea.

Thanks to our awesome customers and their trust we were able to take part in making their ideas real.

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Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask us

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We are always pleased to welcome a new challenge, that's why we have worked in various projects.

Starting with custom CRM/ERP class solutions development, through B2B and B2C web systems, mobile apps to small, simple but beautiful websites.

We love interesting project and we also work in blockchain technology, created online games and also hardware projects.

We want to build complete project together with you. That's why we bring our experience on analysis, solutions and flow. Of course, you can decide about the approach applied on every step.

Together with experience we bring resources. From developers, to management, testers and designers.

Last but not least we bring technology. We're up-to-date with latest solutions and tools that we can trust in and used them multiple times.

You will receive all results of our work for your disposal - no matter if it's a code, hardware, documentation. We also will give you a warranty for all elements.

Cost optimization - you can decide to work with us based on time&material approach, full-time or half-time. Based on your needs we can help you pick the best solution to optimize your costs.

Scalability - New project next week? You don't need to worry, since we have the resources. Thanks to our management results and procedures your new member of the team will be onboarded and ready to work in no time.

Recruitment - We will take care of it - you will receive only the best and well suited applications that were earlier evaluated by us.

Let's build your business together