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If you're a startup or never had an IT system or an app developed, we'll take you through this process step-by-step. We'll help you develop your idea, then we will design and create it. Finally, we'll take care of the maintenance and we'll help you with marketing.

And if you have legacy systems that you want to update and take care of — we'll handle it all, exactly like you want!

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Spinbits - Custom Projects

Here's What Projects We Can Create For You

Jamstack - custom www

Jamstack - custom www

Cost-efficient, yet fast, safe, scalable and easy to deploy? Get to know Jamstack, a new way of developing websites. Developers, customers and search engines love it - thanks to the modular build by including headless CMS, web framework and deployment platform it’s quick to create, easy to manage and safer than most popular solutions.

High-grade CRM and ERP

High-grade CRM and ERP

Combining our tech and business experience gives us a chance to build advanced custom systems for our customers. We love to challenge ourselves with high volumes of data, complexity and security when working on custom CRM and ERP. Together we’ve built and deployed solutions for almost a dozen customers in 7 countries.

Scalable & fast e-commerce

Scalable & fast e-commerce

If you are looking for cost-efficient yet modular and highly customizable e-commerce solutions - look no more! Thanks to our experience and partnerships we are able to propose both custom and ready-to-go approaches.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications

We do love creating mobile apps, it can be really entertaining and fun. In Spinbits, we always focus on good design, UX and efficient development thanks to using the most recent solutions, like Flutter - a swift and efficient hybrid approach to developing mobile applications.

Machine Learning - research and development

Machine Learning - research and development

If you are looking for support in research and development using Machine Learning in Medtech, Law industries as well as for automation and analytics - please get familiar with our case studies and project opportunities or available ML specialised team members that can support your project.

Blockchain development

Blockchain development

In Spinbits we specialise in using blockchain for storing and working with high volumes of data - videos, documents and others. We’ve developed tools for our customers in multiple industries as well as our own products.

This is How We Deliver You The Result

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The research is the key to a successful project. At this stage, we gather information about your idea, vision, business, and market. Then, we create a technology and project approach, phases, milestones, and design path. Then we create a free pre-estimation of the project, considering both time and budget. And, we always listen to you and adapt to your needs!


The Plan

As a result of our research, you get your hands on:

  • Low-fidelity prototype — to see how your project will look like and adjust it so it even better fits your needs.
  • SRS (Software Requirement Specification) — full documentation of your project that you can use to compare the offers and quotes from a few different software houses.
  • High-fidelity prototype — it's a version of the application that's not fully functional — yet it shows how the application looks and works in general. It's perfect to test the design and functionalities before the full application is developed.
  • Suggested team build — a document that shows what specialists you need to complete this project. We may also help you in hiring and training these experts to work for you in-house.

At each stage, you have full access to monitor our work and progress. And every time, you can chime in to suggest changes, improvements, or new functions.

The great thing is, even at this stage, you're not obliged to continue working with us. You can take the SRS and prototypes and ask for estimation from other software houses!



We introduce the team, kick off the project, and make the bits spin :-) Thanks to previous steps, we laid a solid foundation for your project — that's why the development will go fast and your project will be delivered on time and within the budget.

As always, you have full insight into our progress, milestones, next objectives, and the project's timeframe.


Free Warranty and Support

When the project is delivered, we cover you with a warranty for our work. We'll look over your software to make sure it runs smoothly without costly breakdowns. You'll also receive comprehensive documentation, reports, and suggestions on how to make your project even better. Whenever you need it, we offer you our team to further support and develop your new software or help you with marketing and bringing new customers in.

How do we do IT?

We've learned to simplify complicated things as much as possible, yet to still maintain flexibility and attention to detail.

Consulting and Audits

Spinbits offers consulting and audit services for digital marketing, SEO, and SEM.

We are happy to understand your business, customers, needs, and goals.

We combine both technical and marketing knowledge, so together with available resources, we can fully cover your needs.

Plan and Estimate

If you will like to work with us to make your sales and visibility skyrocket to the sky we need a good plan.

Spinbits team will analyze your business, market, and competition.

We will use our experience and expertise to let you know what will work the best and in the budget - without a single bad spent cent.


We can offer you numerous services from SEO/SEM, copywriting, phrase and link building, through AdWords, Google / Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn Ads setup, and more.

Our team of designers and developers is able to create commercials and ads as well as implement your marketing plan.


Get more sales and visibility thanks to our services - we will let you know about results in full reports.

No matter if you work with e-commerce, your product is mobile app or services, there are no surprises - 94% of our customers stay with us and plan future campaigns.

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A Portfolio Of Custom Projects We Built For Our Clients

There's no better feeling than using something that some time ago was just an idea.

Thanks to our awesome customers and their trust we were able to take part in making their ideas real.

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Our products

Because we work on our own products, we know how to work efficiently, agile, and transparently. Let’s have a look at our products and check what they can do for you.


We all agree that knowledge share and transfer benefits everyone. That’s why we want to share our work. Read free ebooks and browse open source code made by our experts and engineers.

Open source

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