Have you ever wondered what the biggest banes of law firms are? These are undoubtedly, the repetitive work that needs to be done and the low-level security of documents.

Temidio is an ERP system that uses innovative technology based on a private Blockchain network and algorithms not only to process the documents but also to store them. Thanks to that, documents are integrated at 100%, and security threats are eliminated at 51%. What’s more, they are highly available, and the efficiency is increased ten times.

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We’re sure that Temidio is needed in the Polish market - there are several thousand law firms that hire more than 60 000 employees. In addition, over the last five years, the number of lawyers and legal advisors has increased to 20 000. So it’s a clear sign for us to create an ERP system that will make their work easier. We’ve already talked to law firms in Warsaw, Lodz, and Lublin, and we received positive references from all of them.


at two levels - single files the whole repository


high-performance meeting the requirements of law firms


access permissions and encryption


  1. Analysis of existing blockchain technologies. Creating or selecting concepts that will be suitable for the target solution.
  2. Analyzing how to ensure file integrity. Developing or selecting our own method.
  3. Creating our own Blockchain network that can ensure files integrity.
  4. Performance and efficiency verification and optimization.


  1. Analyzing or choosing technologies that store encryption keys.
  2. Improving solution by adding access permissions and encryption.
  3. Second verification of performance and efficiency.

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