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Current markets are always changing, decision making is fast and you need to grab opportunities.

Spinbits offers solutions to keep up with the pace - both outsourcing and body leasing.

Our team members are experienced engineers, designers, and managers that first work on our internal projects - that’s why we are sure of their capabilities and expertise level.

Spinbits - Outstaffing

How we can help you

We've learned to simplify complicated things as much as possible, yet to still maintain flexibility and attention to detail.


If the field of IT, software development is a new thing to you and your business - spinbits can help you.

We can build complete teams of all sizes and set of skills. Spinbits can also take care of management, onboarding, Quality Assurance, business analytics, and many more.

Body lease

Body leasing is a perfect solution to increase your team capabilities.

If you have experience in technology and software development and need a single or few new team members that you will get on board and manage - this is the way to go!


We can make an agreement to outsource or lease a specialist for any timeline - weeks, months, or per project.

If you would like to calculate costs based on a fixed or hour rate - that also works for us!

We can also propose a full week of free test period for all specialists.


Thanks to outstaffing and body lease solutions you will gain:

  • Flexibility on the market
  • Scalability of your IT resources
  • Costs reduction
  • Redundancy of team members

In spinbits, we understand how important it is to be agile and open - that’s why we won’t impose any approach. If you would like to work on the project your way - we are ready to talk about that! We’ve worked on dozens of various projects - we are sure that we will find a common language.

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