How can you save time and money thanks to Quality Assurance?

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Do you know that feeling when another bug on a website or in an app makes you give up and you just turn it off? Exactly. Software with even minor errors exposes the company to the reluctance of its consumers. At Spinbits, we know how important the quality of projects is, which is why Quality Assurance helps us in creating safe, intuitive, and error-free software. This process not only gains favor with users but also saves you time and money.

Software Quality Assurance is an element of the application or website development process, which is usually the responsibility of a separate specialist or a whole team of experts. Its purpose is to prevent defects and ensure the best quality of the final process. Quality Assurance is to guarantee that all software components comply with certain standards, work efficiently, and without failure.

Why is Quality Assurance Testing so important?

The best thing about Quality Assurance is that it makes websites and apps simply better. Detailed tests detect inappropriate code fragments and even the smallest defects to prevent defects and improve the quality of software operation, making it more intuitive for customers.

If this still does not convince you why Quality Assurance is so important, think that the above-mentioned values ultimately translate into three specific benefits:

  1. Saving your money - you don't have to invest in further tests and changes when you release a quality product.
  2. Save your time- improving a ready-made software takes longer then refining it from the very beginning.
  3. Adding value to your project right from the start

QA and testing - what is the role of testing in Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance and testing are often confused. It is no accident that they are related to each other. You could say that in practice testing is simply part of Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance focuses on procedures that take place during software development, and not on carrying out actual tests in the system. It includes activities ensuring the implementation of processes and standards in the context of verification of the software being developed and the intended requirements. As part of Quality Assurance, the quality of the software is checked, faults are detected and then corrected. All this to release the best version for target users.

So what is the role of tests in Quality Assurance? Testing focuses on doing actual ... tests (sic!). Its purpose is to identify software bugs and defects so that you can start the process of correcting them.

Software quality assurance activities

Regular assessment of activities under Quality Assurance requires various activities. Among them are defining and improving processes, monitoring the compliance of activities, or defining measures to evaluate this process.

A sample list of Software Quality Assurance activities may look like this:

  • creating a plan and set specific tasks for engineers,
  • establishing control points through which the quality of work is assessed at subsequent stages of the project,
  • performing technical inspections that allow detection errors at an early stage,
  • multiple testing, i.e. carrying out many types of tests to verify the operation of the software as accurately as possible,
  • enforcing compliance with the process, i.e. product evaluation (checking if the software meets the previously set requirements) and process monitoring (comparing the taken steps with the planned ones),
  • controlling changes and measuring their impact on the process,
  • conducting audits that allow you to verify the actual performance of tasks,
  • managing a good relationship with the development team.

Importance of software quality - important to the wallet and the user

Thanks to Quality Assurance engineers, your website or application has a chance to come closer to the ideal. The quality of the software developed by them is of great importance as it directly affects:

  1. User satisfaction - quality (reliability, transparency) has a direct impact on the positive user experience while using the software.

  2. Problem minimization - the Quality Assurance team specializes in finding a problem that no one else has time to think about. Thanks to this, it will be resolved before the target user or tester can experience it.

  3. Save money - testing the product earlier is cheaper than making changes after the project is launched.

  4. Good brand reputation - increasing the trust of recipients and consumer satisfaction, which we all care about the most.


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