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If you want to make your website visible on the Internet,
this SEO GUIDEBOOK will definitely help you!

There are 50 pages of concentrated knowledge
gathered by our experienced SEO specialists
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Download SEO GUIDEBOOK for free and
make your website visible on the Internet!

Why SEO is so important for your business?

  • SEO builds trust and reliability
  • SEO increases engagement, traffic, and conversions
  • SEO is relatively cheap and cost-effective
  • SEO brings you new customers
  • SEO supporting content marketing
  • SEO gives competitive advantage
  • SEO ranks your business better in search results

6 chapters of concentrated knowledge

that you have to apply, if you want to
make your business profitable !

How to make my page appear in Google search results?

“Thanks to this (...) service, you'll find out what phrases your web page appears on the Internet and what is your website’s position.”


“After 3-4 months, SEO activities will begin to bear the fruits, and the invested funds will start to pay off rapidly.”

What is search engine optimization?

“Optimization is about making your website appear in search results of phrases you’re interested in.”

How to fastly increase a website’s position in Google?

“We know that creating a description for several hundred different products is expensive and time-consuming, but if you want your store to be high in search results, you need to do so.”

How to position a website?

“If you want to achieve satisfactory results for competitive and compelling key phrases, you should start positioning your website by gaining links leading to your website.”

What kind of activities don’t position your website?

“This is just a myth because advertising campaigns are not connected to your natural visibility in Google search results.”

Extra chapter - "The most common SEO mistakes" !

Make sure, if you don't make any of them!

It’s exactly what I was looking for. After implementing spinbits’ SEO tips, there are a lot of new customers in my online store!

- Sophia

A lot of knowledge collected in only one ebook - unbelievable! I’ve read it in one night and still come back to individual chapters.

- Anna

It’s really “do it yourself” - I finally know what to and how to deal with SEO on my website.

- Tomasz


and make your business visible on the Internet !

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