Custom Software Development for IT Services Business

  • Cost range: 50 000 - 199 999 €
  • Industry: IT Services
  • Company size: small
  • Number of employees: 8
  • Action area: Poland

We worked on a custom software project for an IT services company. We created the architecture and technology stack for the client's warehouse modules. The team also provided AWS cloud maintenance.

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As the first - we visited the client's warehouse because we wanted to see, where was the problem. From our experience, the problem was obvious. This is a typical bottleneck in warehouses - looking for specific products on shelves and collecting orders. It takes a lot of time. Sometimes products are available in the magazine, but workers cannot find them, so they don't know if they're still available.


Creating project, architecture, and technology stack

We calculated and came up with some ideas to solve these problems. One of our solutions was using QR codes on shelves, to simply scan and find out, if a product is available.


Developing the application

We created the application - an intranet for all employees. It works efficiently and makes their work easier.


Support maintenance and hosting in AWS Cloud

We moved the application to the AWS Cloud to provide development. It also facilitates configuration, scaling, and optimization of data files.

Star Technology is a company that delivers custom products for labels printings. The CEO of the company contacted us due to a recommendation from another company that spinbits worked with. We're always happy to hear that! Simply appreciation and recommendation are the best way to prove that someone is delighted with our work. Our cooperation lasted from January 2019 until August 2020.

Konrad Chłożyński - the CEO of Star Technology, when asked about factors that are important for him while choosing a Software House to work with, he said: "business and technical approach, variety of available solutions, and experience". Three Times Yes!

Finally, we could have started working on the project.

As always we started from scratch - choosing a project team. It's usually a difficult decision when you only have the best specialist on board ;) Our CEO's choice fell on 8 experts from spinbits: Project Manager, Business/Technical Analyst, Architect, Designer, DevOps, Administrator, Developers, Quality Assurance. They decided to work with the use of Symfony, React, PostgreSQL and AWS.

When we built the team we could have started working on finding and then implementing the solution that eliminates the so-called "bottleneck" in this company's warehouse. It turned out, that looking for products on shelves takes a lot of time - it's a common situation in warehouses. We suggested that each product should be entered into the system and assigned to a QR code. It would speed up the process of preparing orders.

Next, we developed the application, so all employees have a quick insight into updated prices and stock levels. The app was moved to the AWS Cloud to provide development. It also facilitates configuration, scaling, and optimization of data files.

Project Results

Customer satisfied - check! Konrad claimed that the project management was on point. Communication tools that we use are widely available and free - Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, he could have chosen the tools that work for him. Timelines and availability were on point. He was impressed by smooth communication, problem-solving abilities, development quality, and pro-business approach. We were really glad to hear that! At the end of our cooperation, he said that all goals were achieved on time and within the scope, and we launched the project within the schedule and expected quality.

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