Design and Web Development for Denmark-Located Architect Agency

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 €
  • Industry: Design
  • Company size: small
  • Number of employees: <10
  • Action area: Scandinavia

Our Customer is a young Architect Agency located in Denmark. They design houses and interiors for people living in Denmark, and in the whole Scandinavia as well. Their goal is to make clean, simple, modern, and elegant projects. This is what their clients expect the most - to combine functionality and simplicity with a beautiful design.

The Customer asked us to develop a new website for his Agency. Previously, they didn’t have a website, because, in the beginning, they reached new customers through direct recommendations only. After 2 years of activity, they grew up as a company and decided to make more designs for more clients. We of course decided to help them!

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The Customer explained to us what kind of website he wants, and what it should look like. The most important aspects for him were simple and clean design in cold-minimalism style, and ease of use.


Building the team

Our task was to create the whole branding and visual identification of the Agency, landing page, and then some SEO marketing. This is how the dream team was created ;) - Designer, who has a similar sense of style as the Customer, Frontend and Backend Engineer, and SEO Specialist.



To create brandings and visual identifications, we usually use Figma. Our Graphic choice fell on it also this time. The technology that we used while developing the website was JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, AWS, and Vue.js.


SEO Marketing

When the website for the Architect Agency was ready, the time had come for some SEO activities. Spinbits SEO Specialist did what was unnecessary, for the proper functioning of the website.

At the beginning of our cooperation, we created a design for a website. The Customer suggested us some corrections and then accepted it. Working with this kind of customer is the biggest pleasure and satisfaction! :) When the simple, but classy design was ready, Engineers got down to work. We have got a very broad experience in Web Development for Customers from the Design Industry, so nothing surprised us. What’s more, our specialists have JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, AWS, and Vue.js at their fingertips, so everything went according to plan.

After developing the website, it was time for SEO Marketing. Search Engine Optimization activities are not only effective Google Ads advertising campaigns (which are of course extra paid). There are also lots of free activities, which improve the website’s visibility on Google. Our SEO Specialist took care of:

  • choosing appropriate keywords - to find out, how to get ahead of the competition,
  • high-quality page content and choosing appropriate titles - so both users and Google robots can understand what the website is about,
  • headers - to organize content on the website, so readers and search engines can distinguish what part of your content is most important and relevant,
  • simple page URLs - to be simple to digest for both readers and search engines,
  • Internal linking - it keeps users on the website for a longer period of time,
  • mobile responsiveness - because most users visit the website on their smartphones,
  • speed sight - everyone hates waiting these days, so content and graphics have to load really fast.

Project Results

CS - result 4.webp


The number of customers increased by 120% in just 6 months



We have gone from zero up to 14 000 views of the website monthly!

CS - result 5.webp


We create effective Google Ads advertising campaigns, constantly monitoring their effectiveness

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