Custom Software Development for the Automotive Industry from Lithuania

  • Cost range: 50 000 - 199 999 €
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Company size: medium
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Action area: Europe

Automobilis is a Lithuanian startup that offers easy to use platform for cars, motorcycles, and resellers. The platform collects bidding data for over a dozen platforms - private, bank, insurance - and gives access to a quick and easy bidding tool. Owners of the company had built a team to work on Automobilis, but they had realized that their tech knowledge was insufficient to deliver the product. This is why they asked us for help.

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At the very beginning, we received over 10 000 advertisements to publish on the platform. Such a large number of available vehicles required a really efficient and reliable platform.


Building the team

Five experienced experts were taking part in this project: Project Manager, UX/UI Designer, Front-end Engineer, Back-end Engineer, and Mobile Engineer.



We decided to meet customer's expectations with the use of PHP Symfony, React, GraphQL and AWS.



In the end, the time has come to optimize the platform, to provide a high position in search results.

Automobilis is a Lithuanian platform for bidding on vehicles from all over Europe. As always, in July 2020 we started our cooperation from scratch - finding out what the client's expectation is - building an efficient platform for bidding vehicles, that can not fail. Because of that, the platform had to be really well-functioning - a lot of people from entire Europe bid on cars at the same time, so every second matters! Even the slightest delay may cause an incorrect result of the auction. This project was a special task - we're glad we managed to complete it with the use of the newest technology - PHP Symfony, React, GraphQL and AWS, because of which everything works flawlessly.

Each member of our team always knows what his responsibility is. We are punctual, and always meet deadlines. In this kind of project, the most important skills are - tech expertise, business understanding, and communication. 3 x yes for spinbits!

Project Results

CS - result 6.webp


thousands of people can bid on vehicles at the same time from different places in Europe

CS - result 2.webp


we managed to do exactly what he expected

CS - result 8.webp


the platform enjoys the recognition all the time

CS - result 4.webp


Thousands of cars were sold through this platform

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