Custom Software Development for Game Retailer

  • Cost range: 200 000-999 999 €
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Company size: medium
  • Number of employees: 25
  • Action area: Poland

Our customer's goal was to build a quick, responsive and efficient data pool for e-commerce. He needed a project, graphic design, and then creating it.

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What were the client's requirements and expectations? An efficient e-commerce platform with a nice and modern design, SEO positioning, and warehouse automation. Sounds like a job for spinbits!



When we hear that a client wants an efficient e-commerce platform, we almost always suggest using Gatsby, because it has a lot of advantages. Creating a design for this project wasn't difficult. It just had to be connected with the gaming industry and UX-friendly.


SEO & blog posts

Game Retailer is not only about selling games - it's about sharing content with people! Spinbits copywriters were writing not just blog posts about news in the gaming industry, but also guides and tutorials about various games available on the market.


Social Media

In our marketing strategy, social media was a key to success- to keep in touch with consumers.! It was a place where, for example, we were informing about promotions and published info about new blog posts.

Our cooperation started in April 2020 and lasted until December 2021. DigiGames' owner decided to work with us one more time - we were working together before. He was satisfied with the results of our work so we were glad to cooperate again.

Spinbits has got experience in the gaming industry so it was a pleasure for us to take part in this project. What's more, most of our team members play games after hours and they also used to design games!

Our customer wanted to build a quick, responsive and efficient data pool for e-commerce. Here you go - we always give you what you want and need!

We started from scratch - building Custom Software Development with the use of Gatsby. Why Gatsby? Only with it, you have control over everything - it's the most reliable. We also had to create a new and modern design for the platform.

Then we jumped to SEO activities. Our team of copywriters was writing blog posts about news in the gaming industry and guides and tutorials about various games available on the market. Each article should have been prepared according to the guidelines: H1, H2, and H3 headers, number of characters including spaces, and selected keywords. We know that SEO efforts should not be focused only on keywords included in articles. We were dealing with a new domain that doesn't help with positioning in Google search engine ranking. The result didn't come immediately. We believe that only regular and long-term SEO activities position your website higher in the search results. After six months, our Client saw a 300% increase in organic keywords.

Our SEO specialist also decided to create subpages for every games category. Each of them had a detailed description. Then we had to link them together, so we focused on internal linking.

Another important aspect was Social Media. We decided to set up profiles on Facebook and Instagram because we wanted to be where DigiGames' competition was. We were posting about gaming industry news, fresh blog posts, and promotions in the DigiGames shop.

Project Results

They received the expected product. A lot of people decided to buy games on the DigiGames site. We achieved monthly sales growth of 140%!



Monthly sales growth of 140%



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