Custom Software Development for Online Casino from Turkey

  • Cost range: 200 000 - 999 999 $
  • Industry: Gambling
  • Company size: enterprise
  • Number of employees: 70
  • Action area: Turkey

The Founder from Turkey wanted us to develop a web application and games for his Online Casino.

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As always, we start with an interview with the customer. We want to make sure that our perceptions of cooperation are the same. Then we found out, what our client expects from us.


Choosing the team

Seven specialists were working on this project: a project manager, UX/UI designer, two front-end Engineers, two back-end Engineers, and a 2D animator. All of them are experienced in this kind of project.



We created a custom design that is suitable for the casino industry.


Casino web application & games

We developed the web application and made over 20 unique games. We also built a random number generator based on AWS Braket.

This project was a challenge for us, but in the end, the Founder of the casino said: "Spinbits team is engaged, goal-driven, and full of ideas - both on tech and business sides." - it was nice to hear that!

But wait, how did it happen? In the beginning, in June 2020, the customer showed us projects of online casino web applications and games that he likes and thinks are professional. He wanted us to create something like that, or even better. Even though the Founder was from Turkey, the casino was aimed to be used also in different countries.

We started with a custom design. It couldn't be something obvious and simple. We created a modern and eye-catching web application. Games for this casino were a challenge but also a huge range of possibilities for our 2D Animator. After implementing some changes suggested by the client, all the games were finished. The last thing that we had to do, was building a random number generator based on AWS Braket. After that, the whole project was getting tested - everything worked properly. What's more, we're still working with this Client, and helping him improve things, if it's needed. :)

Project Results


Delivering the project on time

CS - result 5.webp

Reliable web application

CS - result 8.webp

Well functioning casino games

CS - result 2.webp

Satisfied client

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