Web Development and Marketing for Digital Marketing Agency

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 €
  • Industry: Advertising & Marketing
  • Company size: small
  • Number of employees: 8
  • Action area: Poland

Our customer wanted us to help him with Google Ads, SEO, and other digital marketing tasks. Finally, we also created a website for him.

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In the beginning, we held a long conversation about the project and our expectations from this cooperation. The client explained to us what he wanted to achieve, and we proposed some ways to solve these problems. When we finally reach an agreement, we got down to work.



E-lions Agency didn't have a website. We suggested creating a new, unique one with the use of Gatsby, Vue,js, Strapi and Figma. Why ? It's the fastest way to build a webpage - and this is exactly what the customer required.



After creating a website we took actions aimed at increasing the visibility of a page in organic search results. We chose keywords and optimized written content. In the end, we optimized the website for mobile and speed it up.



We suggested that Michał should invest in Google Ads - thanks to that his potential customers could have found his company website in Google Search Results.

Michał - the Founder of E-Lions, was looking for a reliable company to help him with things he wasn't able to do on his own. Unfortunately, he has never worked with any IT company so he didn't know where should he look for a good one. Finally, he read recommendations about spinbits on the Facebook Group and in May 2020 decided to contact us.

E-Lions is a digital marketing agency. They take care not only of SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads but also optimize lead generation processes, and advise and implement the best e-commerce solutions for their clients.

It is said that the shoemaker's children are ill-shod and as it turned out - that's true! Maybe it's hard to imagine - E-Lions - Digital Marketing Agency - didn't have enough time to take care of their own marketing! Things like that happen, so they decided to start cooperation with us.

This cooperation was not so easy at the beginning - low visibility in Google and weak conversion of website traffic to the number of leads. What's more, there are plenty of digital agencies in Warsaw, so there's intense competition. Of course, either way - we love challenges so we took it up!

The customer asked us if there was a possibility, to fastly create a website, not for millions. Of course, there is! Our Engineer developed a website that met the client's expectations. Then we started working with Google Ads because sometimes you just can't wait for the results - you have to help them come! Investing in a well-conducted campaign is a good idea - we reached out to potential customers. As it turned out, it was a good idea, because the results were really satisfactory.

Project Results

The results were satisfying. Look what we achieved!

CS - result 4.webp


Sales increased by 45% in just 3 months



We have gone from zero up to 1000 views of the website in a month



We create effective Google Ads advertising campaigns, constantly monitoring their effectiveness.

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