Web development for Digital Marketing Agency

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 €
  • Industry: Advertising & Marketing
  • Company size: small
  • Number of employees: 9
  • Action area: Poland

Creating an affordable, easy to manage, and easily optimized for SEO website? Not a problem!

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The first step is always an interview with a client. What were his expectations? Walter - the CEO - wanted an easy to navigate and affordable website for his company in Poland.


Custom Design

Our job was to create a modern design, that is appropriate for the marketing industry.



The client wanted the website to be fast. The content management system (CMS) had to be intuitive, so employees could make changes, and customize the content to better meet their needs, so our choice fell on Figma, Strapi, Gatsby and Vue.js .

0101 marketing is a digital marketing agency that works with companies in the IT and Tech industries. Walter Idzikowski - the founder of the agency heard about us from his friend and this is why he decided to choose spinbits as the best partner to work with. He asked us to develop a new website for his agency in April 2020.

We always take care of our customer's satisfaction - that is why we pay attention to communications. Walter had never had to wait for a reply from us - we're almost always available.

In the beginning, we asked our client about his expectations. It was creating a new site with modern layouts and a fresh and intuitive CMS. We suggested creating a new section with statistics to show their biggest achievements, and show what their work style looks like. We also developed the "answer your question" form, which helps potential agency customers to contact employees to estimate a project. What's more, also a blog section appeared, to share valuable tips and knowledge about the marketing sector. We optimized blog posts for SEO, added keywords, and H1, H2, and H3 headings, and because of that the website is higher in Google search results.

At the end of our cooperation - in December 2020, Walter claimed that without us - they would not succeed!

Project Results

The platform was implemented in accordance with the assumed budget, within the assumed time. All goals have been achieved.



CS - result 8.webp


CS - result 5.webp


CS - result 4.webp


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