Web Development for Game Development Company

  • Cost range: 10 000 - 49 999 €
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Company size: medium
  • Number of employees: 40
  • Action area: Norway

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Our client contacted us because he had a problem with his website - the one he had didn't meet his expectations.


New website

A new website for any agency is always a new chapter. Our customer wanted to rebuild their website completely. The previous one was hard to navigate, slow to load, and difficult to update.


New branding and identification

It sounds like a job for our graphic designer! The customer's website looked outdated. Our job was to create new branding and identification and make the website match the brand. This means logos, colors, layouts, fonts, and more.


Digital marketing

SEO audit helped evaluate the SEO situation. Our client switched website platforms, and as a result, he lost rankings. Our mission was to fix it.

Our client was looking for help in creating a new website. It was old, outdated, and causing trouble. Our goal was to make a complete website redesign and redevelopment. We had to find out what the biggest need and priorities are. Then we could get down to work. Our cooperation lasted from September to November 2020. Our engineers decided to work with the use of Gatsby, Strapi, Netlify, and Vue. Once the website was complete, we had a lot of testing to do! We had to make sure there were no bugs or vulnerabilities. We also checked if the site responded well to all device sizes and browsers. It was! Work done!

Creating new branding and identification and making the website match the brand was a pure formality. It included: all visual elements connected with the brand - logo, typography, colors, and website design.

Finally, the time for SEO came. We had to create a strategy for the following months. We started from scratch and checked what the main competitors do (it's always a good strategy ;) ). Then we completed website analysis, indexation, and technical content. In the end, we created a strategic plan for the following quarters. A few days after the customer started implementing our advice, we saw an immediate boost in organic traffic!

Project Results

CS - result 3.webp

Easy to navigate

It's no more complicated to navigate the new website.


90% faster to load

Time is precious, and no one likes waiting.

CS - result 5.webp

Engaging the customer

Building a relationship with a customer is important in running a business.

CS - result 7.webp

100% Matching the brand

In the new project everything is consistent.

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