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What do you associate e-groceries with? Rush? Frustration? Nervousness? Too many choices? Waste of time? Exhaustion? If you agree with any of these, read about our innovative product, which is Legumi - the app for e-groceries!

Legumi has been created for people living in cities, leading a high-speed lifestyle, who prefer to spend their free time with friends and family, not in a mall waiting in a queue. We completely understand their needs, so we’ve decided to design a life-changer.

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Legumi is a must-have for a modern person. We hate overpaying and love having control over our expenses. We need tables, analyses, rankings, charts, and… comparisons of the prices to be more effective and productive! With Legumi all control of your spending is at hand - on your phone. With Legumi average household can save up to 20% on groceries!

With Legumi you can create your own shopping cart and add anything you want. You’ve got the opportunity to compare prices of the same product in different shops, and then choose the best and most-effective option.

How to use Legumi?

  1. Find a product you're interested in buying
  2. Compare all prices and offers in one app
  3. Order in one click
  4. Have personalized groceries delivered to your door

Download the Legumi app to:

  • be up to date with all promotions to save money
  • avoid wasting money caused by unexpected price-increases
  • compare prices in different markets to choose the best options
  • plan and share your shopping lists and carts with your family to avoid buying the same things
  • save your free time
  • make your life easier

Quick look at statistics:

  • TOO MANY SHOPS TO ORDER FROM - e-commerce grows bigger - market dilution
  • E-GROCERIES ARE TIME-CONSUMING - 44% of people that live in big cities are spending around 2h per week e-shopping
  • PRICES ARE GOING UP - 9 out of 10 polish consumers see and feel price increases - we are price-aware

Make your life easier with Legumi!

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